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Teen Patti Rules & Gameplay for Bangladeshi Players

In Asia, Teen Patti is one of the most played home games of chance featured in live casinos. It provides players with respectable odds and is simple to understand. To win, though, takes both talent and good fortune aside from understanding how to Play Teen Patti. Each player places a specific amount of money into the pot prior to the cards being played; this is known as the boot. If you are playing without sight, you can request a show to view your cards.

Cultural Aspect:

Being more than just a card game, Teen Patti Gold promotes interpersonal relationships. On festive events, like family get-togethers and holidays, it is frequently played. Because it fosters friendly competition and friendship, the game is an integral part of Bangladeshi social life.

Teen Patti Basics

1.     Players in the game: three to six.

2.     Deck: Standard 52-card decks free of joker cards.

3.     Card Ranking: Similar to rankings in a game of poker is that of card levels. 

4.     Ante: Every player is required to place this condition prior to the cards being dealt.

5.     Dealing: The dealer deals three cards to each individual player, face down.

6.     Betting: Gamers might choose to bet, check, raise, or fold. Starting with the player on the left of the dealer, these stakes shall be arranged in a clockwise circle around the dealer.

7.     Ranking Hands:

Teen Patti Ranking Hands
Hand Rank Hand Description Sample Cards
Trail/Set Three cards of the same rank (highest-ranking hand) A-A-A or 8-8-8
Pure Sequence Consecutive cards of the same suit 7-8-9 of Hearts or 10-J-Q of Spades
Sequence Consecutive cards of different suits 4-5-6 or 9-10-J
Color Three cards of the same suit 2-5-10 of Diamonds or 3-7-Q of Clubs
Pair Two cards of the same rank K-K-2 or 4-4-7
High Card No combination; the highest card determines rank A-10-5 or K-J-8

The ranking of the hands is as follows:

·       Trail (Three of a Kind): Three cards of the same rank.

·       Pure Sequence: Three cards in a row from the same suit.

·       Sequence (Run): Three cards in a row, not all of the same suit.

·       Color: Three non-sequential cards from the same suit.

·       Pair: Two identically ranked cards.

·       High Card: When none of the above combinations are formed, the hand with the highest card wins.

8.     Show or Fold: After the last round of betting, players have the option to show their cards or fold. The player with the best hand wins pot money.

9.     Chaal and Side Pot: Players can choose to see (chaal) the bet or raise it. If a player raises, others must either see the raise or fold. If a player folds, their previous bets contribute to a side pot that the winner of the main pot cannot claim.

10.  Victory Declaration: The main pot is won by the player in the showdown with the best hand. Should there be a side pot, the player who has the highest-ranked hand among those still in the game wins it.

Rules for Teen Patti’s Gameplay

Before viewing their cards (playing blind) or after (playing seen), each participant has the option to make a wager.

1.     Blind Player:

In Teen Patti Gold, each player takes turns being the “Blind Player.” It is necessary for the Blind Player to make a wager without revealing their cards. Because the Blind Player can only rely on intuition and luck, this increases the element of unpredictability in the game. The Blind Player can choose to see their cards after making the first wager or to play through to the finish without seeing them.

2.     Seen Player:

Seeing their cards before betting gives the Seen Player an advantage over the Blind Player. The Seen Player could make a call, raise, or fold after the Blind Player makes a move, depending on the value of their hand.

3.     Showdown:

The “showdown,” the last round of Teen Patti Gold, is where players expose their cards to determine the winner. The pot is won by the player with the best-rated hand. Several of the hand combinations found in regular poker are also found in Teen Patti Gold hands, such as Pair, Flush, Straight, and a lot more.  To play effectively, players need to familiarize themselves with hand rankings upfront.


Apart from knowing how to Play Teen Patti, both skill and luck are important factors in Teen Patti Gold, a card game. By combining their three cards to form the finest possible hand, players can win. There are numerous betting rounds up to the showdown, but the pot is won by the highest-ranking hand. Gamers have the option to wager against both their own and other players’ hands. If a player begins to feverishly go through their chips, for example, they may have a strong hand. You can raise your chances of winning the bets and develop your talents by being aware of these tactics. Play Teen Patti at Mega Cricket World Now!


Could players use bluffs when playing Teen Patti? 

Yes, bluffing is a key element. Skilled players use it to mislead opponents on Teen Patti.

What comes about if the hand rankings of two players match? 

The player with the higher individual cards wins at Teen Patti.

How is the dealer of Teen Patti selected?

The dealer is often chosen randomly, and the position rotates clockwise after each round.

How is the game initiated?

Each player receives three cards after contributing to the pot.

What role does the dealer button play?

After every round, the dealer button turns clockwise to reveal the dealer for that round.

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