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Best Betting Sites in Pakistan 2024 – Mega Cricket World

In the dynamic world of Online Betting Sites in Pakistan has emerged as a promising market. With the Mega Cricket World tournament just around the corner, it’s crucial to explore the best betting sites in Pakistan for 2024.

Cricket is undoubtedly the most beloved Online Betting Sites in Pakistan, and it enjoys a special place in the hearts of millions of fans. The natural progression of cricket’s popularity led to the emergence of Online Betting Sites in Pakistan particularly in the context of Pakistan’s favorite pastime. While betting on sports events has been a global phenomenon for centuries, it has found a significant following in Pakistan, with cricket being the primary focus. Betting enthusiasts have various options when it comes to placing their wagers, thanks to both traditional bookmakers and Online Betting Sites in Pakistan that have made it easier than ever to participate.

The digital age has seen a growth of Online Betting Sites in Pakistan tailoring to the Pakistani public in recent years. Online Betting Sites in Pakistan make it easy and secure for cricket fans to wager on their favorite teams and players. The Online Betting Sites in Pakistan have also launched new betting markets, such as match winners, top run scorers, and greatest wicket-takers, as well as live betting during matches. Some popular international betting platforms accept Pakistani customers and offer cricket’s best betting sites as options.

Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange

Immerse yourself in the world of cricket at its finest with Mega Cricket World! Offering a wide range of thrilling sporting events and competitive odds, you’ll uncover boundless excitement and challenges.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing

Wager on Greyhound racing online for the chance at lucrative returns and bonuses. Enjoy cashback and weekly reloads as you select your favorite dogs and compete in various races. Sign up now to begin your journey.



Begin an exhilarating sports adventure with UG! With a diverse range of sports and an abundance of betting options, you’ll have the liberty to explore and place substantial bets. Join Now!



Delve into the world of exhilarating horse races and live betting at HORSEBOOK. Here, you can savor fantastic horse racing moments and seize the opportunity to win big. Register now!

Early Beginnings of Sports Betting in Pakistan

The early beginnings of Sports for Online Betting Sites in Pakistan were closely tied to the nation’s love for cricket and informal betting circles. While the practice initially thrived, it eventually faced government crackdowns and was declared illegal. Sports betting is still illegal in Pakistan, and anybody found engaging in such activities may face legal consequences. As the global sports betting industry evolves, it would be fascinating to observe if Pakistan’s stance on this topic changes in the future.

The Era of Mobile Sports Betting in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the current age of mobile sports betting has resulted in substantial changes in how Pakistanis interact with sports and entertainment. While the legal status of internet sports betting is unknown, its popularity is growing. With the proper rules and safeguards in place, Pakistan might capitalize on this industry’s economic potential while safeguarding customers and conserving traditional values. The future of mobile sports betting in Pakistan is expected to be both exciting and transformational as technology advances.

Legality of Sports Betting in Pakistan

Despite the strict legal framework within Pakistan, Online Betting Sites in Pakistan remain a significant industry on the international stage. Many Pakistanis participate in offshore online betting platforms that cater to customers worldwide. Online Betting Sites in Pakistan offer betting opportunities on various sports, including cricket, football, and tennis. The legality of betting on these offshore platforms from within Pakistan is a gray area, as there are no specific laws addressing best betting sites.

Leading Sports Betting Sites in Pakistan

Pakistanis can now wager on the best betting sites more readily than ever before, thanks to the rise of the greatest betting sites. With so many possibilities, it’s critical to know where to discover the best Online Betting Sites in Pakistan that provide a safe and secure betting environment.

Mega Cricket World

The Mega Cricket World was envisioned as a magnificent celebration of Pakistan’s cricketing legacy. The goal was to create an event that would bring together cricket fans from all walks of life to pay tribute to the game’s giants who have represented Pakistan in the international arena in a country where cricket is more than just a sport but a way of life.

The Mega Cricket World event structure is unique, combining elements of international and domestic cricket. It consists of a T20 cricket competition involving regional teams representing various provinces and cities across Pakistan. The tournament typically spans several weeks, giving fans ample opportunities to witness thrilling cricketing action.

Baji Live

Baji Live is the brainchild of a team of visionary entrepreneurs who recognized the potential of online gaming and live streaming in Pakistan. 

Baji Live is primarily a platform for gamers and content developers. It provides a wide range of interactive gaming experiences, ranging from vintage classics to cutting-edge esports competitions. What distinguishes it is the live streaming component, which allows users to watch and engage with their favorite gamers and performers in real time.

Baji Live supports content creators by giving them a platform to display their skills and talents. Gamers, artists, musicians, and performers of all kinds can livestream their content and build a dedicated fanbase. Baji Live offers multiple avenues for monetization. Content creators can earn through tips from viewers, brand partnerships, and virtual gifting.


Crickex distinguishes itself by providing a wide range of sports betting alternatives that appeal to a wide range of sports lovers. While cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan, Crickex also covers football, tennis, basketball, and other popular sports. This diverse portfolio ensures that users have ample opportunities to bet on their favorite best betting sites.

Crickex represents a significant evolution in the world of Online Betting Sites in Pakistan. The site has built a position for itself in a competitive market with its varied choice of sports alternatives, user-friendly interface, and commitment to safety and security. Crickex is well-positioned to fulfill the demands of sports enthusiasts and help the expansion of this business in Pakistan as Online Betting Sites in Pakistan continue to gain popularity in the country.


Jeetbuzz brings together the excitement of gaming and the thrill of winning real prizes. For trivia enthusiasts, Jeetbuzz is a paradise. Online Betting Sites in Pakistan host trivia challenges on a wide range of topics, including sports, history, pop culture, and current events. It’s not just about winning prizes but also about expanding one’s knowledge and challenging oneself.

Jeetbuzz has emerged as a dynamic and exciting platform that combines gaming, trivia, and rewards in one package. Its diverse range of games, real prizes, and commitment to user satisfaction have made it one of the best Online Betting Sites in Pakistan among gamers and trivia enthusiasts in Pakistan. As the mobile gaming and trivia landscape continues to evolve, Jeetbuzz is well-positioned to empower more individuals to challenge their skills and knowledge while having fun in the process.


ICCWIN is a great choice for punters who love to play cricket. It features a full range of betting markets and an extensive live scoreboard. The betting platform also offers tons of catchy promotions and bonuses. It also supports a number of languages and denominations.  Patrons are able to access the site from anywhere on the earth. ICCWIN is available on iOS and Android devices, and its website and mobile app are both incredibly user-friendly.

Because the ICCWIN website and mobile application look and feel so similar, transitioning between the two platforms is effortless. This could be especially useful if you do not want to download the mobile app but want to take advantage of all of its advantages.  You may additionally utilize the mobile app to access the ICCWIN casino at any time of day or night.


1xBet is among the well-established international Online Betting Sites in Pakistan, known for its vast sportsbook, casino games, and exciting live betting options. Operating in numerous countries worldwide, 1xBet has garnered a reputation for its reliability and diverse betting opportunities.

Live betting is a favorite among sports enthusiasts, and 1xBet excels in this aspect. The platform has a large live betting section where users may place bets on ongoing matches in real-time. 1xBet offers an immersive live betting experience with live streaming options, in-depth data, and up-to-the-second odds.

1xBet Pakistan is a comprehensive online betting platform that caters to the different demands of the country’s sports aficionados and gamblers. With its extensive sportsbook, live betting options, casino games, user-friendly interface, and enticing bonuses, 1xBet provides an exciting and immersive betting experience. Whether you’re a cricket fanatic or a casino enthusiast, 1xBet offers a one-stop destination for all your betting needs.


Parimatch is a well-established international betting platform that has garnered a stellar reputation for its reliability and extensive sportsbook. Operating in numerous countries worldwide, Parimatch is known for its commitment to providing a safe and exciting betting experience.

Live betting is a popular choice among sports enthusiasts, and Parimatch excels in this department. The platform offers an extensive live betting section, allowing users to place real-time wagers on ongoing matches. With live streaming options, detailed statistics, and constantly updated odds, Parimatch provides an immersive and thrilling live betting experience.


MostBet is strictly controlled and follows strong security protocols. Furthermore, the site has been validated by a number of prominent organizations, including FIFA and ATP. This guarantees that players receive the best service possible. It also offers odds on all major international sports, including cricket, football, and horse racing. Its extensive coverage of international and domestic football matches is particularly notable.

In addition to offering a large selection of sports, Mostbet is famous for its top pre-match odds. The site also provides high-quality live broadcasts of events. Online Betting Sites in Pakistan are built for ease of use, and the interface is well-organized with helpful pop-up recommendations.

Why is Mega Cricket World the best choice for Sports Betting?

Mega Cricket World takes pleasure in providing a wide choice of cricket events and tournaments to wager on. Their extensive cricket coverage guarantees that you never miss out on a betting chance, regardless of where or when it occurs.

Navigating the world of Online Betting Sites in Pakistan can be difficult for newbies. Mega Cricket World recognizes this and has created an intuitive and user-friendly platform that is simple to use. 

Mega Cricket World provides live betting on a variety of cricket matches in order to give you the finest sports betting experience available. This function lets you place bets in real-time, reacting to the ebb and flow of the game as it plays out.

Safety and responsible gambling are paramount at Mega Cricket World. They protect the data you share with them using cutting-edge encryption technology.

Mega Cricket World has exciting incentives and bonuses for both new and existing clients. Cashback deals, free bets, deposit bonuses, and loyalty programs are examples of these. These advantages not only enhance your betting experience, but also increase your earning potential.

Should you encounter any issues or have questions about your betting experience, Mega Cricket World provides excellent customer support that offers various contact methods.

High Winning Sports Betting Odds at Mega Cricket World

Mega Cricket World has some of the most competitive odds in the market, particularly for cricket. The variety of betting markets accessible is one of the reasons Mega Cricket World’s odds are so tempting. This extensive selection allows bettors to find odds that align with their strategies and knowledge of the game.

Online Betting Sites in Pakistan offer competitive in-play odds, enabling bettors to make informed decisions based on real-time game developments. This feature provides an edge, especially for those who thrive on the thrill of live sports action.

Mega Cricket World doesn’t stop at offering competitive odds; they also provide an array of promotions and bonuses for their users. These incentives include deposit bonuses, free bets, cashback offers, and loyalty programs. These promotions not only boost your chances of winning but also make your betting experience more exciting.

Accepted Payment Methods for Sports Betting in Pakistan

As the demand for Online Betting Sites in Pakistan services grows, it’s essential to understand the accepted payment methods to facilitate seamless transactions and ensure a hassle-free betting experience. Some of the various payment methods available for sports betting in Pakistan are:

  1. Credit & Debit Cards
  2. E-wallets
  3. Bank Transfers
  4. Prepaid Cards & Vouchers
  5. Cryptocurrency
  6. Mobile Payment Services
  7. Local Payment Solutions

How to Start Your Sports Betting Journey at Mega Cricket World

If you’re ready to embark on your sports betting journey, this guide will help you get started at Mega Cricket World:

  1. Register your account.
  2. Verify your identity.
  3. Deposit funds into your account.
  4. Explore betting markets.
  5. Understand the odds.
  6. Place your bets.
  7. Monitor your bets.
  8. Withdraw your winnings.


While sports betting can offer an added dimension of excitement to cricket matches, gamblers must do so responsibly. Gambling should always be done within one’s means, and people should be aware of the risks that come with gambling. To minimize the negative repercussions of excessive gambling, it is advisable to set limitations on the amount of money and time spent on betting activities.


What is Mega Cricket World, and why is it popular for betting?

Mega Cricket World is a major cricket tournament, and it’s popular for betting due to its global fan following and high stakes.

Which sports are available for betting on Mega Cricket World?

Mega Cricket World mostly concentrates on cricket, although it may also include other sports.

What's the legal age in Pakistan for sports betting?

In Pakistan, the minimum legal gambling age tends to be 18 or 21, tailored to the location.

Are my winnings from sports betting taxable in Pakistan?

Tax laws regarding gambling winnings can vary, so it’s advisable to consult a tax expert for specific guidance.

Can I bet on live cricket matches at Mega Cricket World?

Yes, many sports betting platforms, including Mega Cricket World, offer live betting options for cricket matches.